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Arrivederci Summer!

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Arrivederci Summer!

We’re back from vacation (did you miss us?) and are having a hard time dealing with the fact it’s now September: how did it sneak up on us?!  With the promise of pumpkin-flavored-everything just around the corner, we’re making sure to use the long weekend to fit in as many summer-approved activities/places/foods/drinks as possible.  Here’s to the end of summer Fridays!

  1. We’d need to raid the costume department of a period drama set to stay here (which we’d totally be up for, btw)
  2. Speaking of costumes: some serious #GlamourousGoals here
  3. We’ve never been shy about our white jean obsession, so it’s no surprise we’re matching our drink to our pants before we have to put them away for the season
  4. Forgot to plan an escape for the long weekend?  Here are some last minute ideas to the rescue!
  5. Feeling the back-to-school bug?  Challenge yourself and start learning an endangered language this fall