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Beach Prep 101

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With August upon us, we are in full on beach mode.  Downtime at the office has us channeling our inner #wanderlust by googling “best [insert adjective/place name/top X] beaches.” And finding some serious beach bag inspiration.  And coming up with the ultimate comprehensive beach ready packing list.  Because we’re ready to channel our inner mermaid whether we’re at the local pool, a pond in the mountains, the northeast beaches (where it’s always too cold to swim), or at a classic la spiaggia.

  1. Some of us already used up our vacation days, so we’re in research mode for 2018: these beaches are taking over our short list pretty quickly
  2. Already breezed through your summer reading list?  Here’s a fantastic “by the authors” list to replenish your stack (or kindle) for wherever you lay your beach blanket
  3. Don’t be Rudolf: here’s an easy refresher as to how to keep your beak from imitating that red-nosed reindeer
  4. Beach hair, don’t care: channel that beach vibe all week long with some serious beach inspired waves
  5. In the bag: whether you’re at the beach, the boardwalk, or Broadway, these beach-to-street bags have you covered (we love a good multi-use/multi-style bag!)