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Cheers to La Vie en Rose.

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Cheers to La Vie en Rose.

This Friday we celebrate National Pink Day and all things rose colored. Get to know La Gabriella: Idoni’s solution to living La Vie en Rose (hint: she’s not your average ballerina slipper).

This week life was good. Highs: celebrating the summer solstice and marking the official start to summer. Lows: getting caught in the rain with a broken umbrella. Here’s to life in rose colored glasses:

  1. Your weekend how-to: up your mimosa game with Delish’s Pink Lemonade Mimosas. Yeah, we fancy.
  2. That sound you hear is us zipping our luggage and heading to summer vacation. But before you go, here are tips on how to pack everything from your luscious mascara to your classic blush.
  3. Stop and smell the roses: discover the Roseto Fineschi Rose Garden, now open for the season, exhibiting over 6,500 species of roses.
  4. The summer solstice: it came, it went, we celebrated. But what really was it that brought us that pinky dusk sky? Geek out with this short guide.
  5. Add this to our wanderlust list: scientists believe they have rediscovered the lost Eighth Wonder of the World made of white and pink cascading rocks.