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Friday Fun 5

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This week we’ve been suffering from some serious wanderlust (you can see the results over on our Instagram).  So, with travel on our mind, we’ve rounded up five fun things that can be put to use for your next trip (or provided inspiration for it!).  Enjoy!

1. We are constantly on the hunt for trick and tips, especially when it comes to packing.  This guide has quite a few good ones.

2. We love shortcuts and technology hacks: this guide to tackling your vaction inbox has provided tons of material for our next trip!

3. We bet the waiting list for the new world’s best restaurant is crazy long now, but we think it’d be worth the wait (and a trip to Italy, of course!).

4. We’re blown away by the plans of this art installation: this article about it is fascinating (and is just another reason for a trip to Italy!).

5. To quote Liz Lemon: “I want to go to there.”