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The Friday Five: Feeling Like...

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The Friday Five: Feeling Like...

It's Been Quite a Week.

We think we can all agree that it has been an exhausting week.  So in the spirit of needing a distraction (or two), our weekly roundup has you covered, whether you feel like you need to regroup, renew, reflect, or just relax.  And so, without further ado, and in no particular order, here we go:

1. Feel like you need to carbo load? Throw together this fantastically cheesy pasta, gobble it down, and enjoy a good old fashioned food coma.

2. Feel like you need a dose of something simply sweet to make you sweetly smile? The instagram account @notmynonni won't let you down.

3. Feel like you need to teleport somewhere? This stunning video of Venice will instantly transport you to La Serenissima.

4. Feel like you need a drink? We'd recommend trying one of these fantastic negroni variations.

5. Feel like you need to close your eyes for a minute and lose yourself in the beauty of it all? A little Verdi and Pavarotti are just the thing.

A presto!

Team Idoni

P.S. Still feel like you need something more? Perhaps to giggle with the silly abandon of a little kid? Bugs, Elmer, and Rossini always have your back (if you're super desperate for a laugh, we recommend you jump to 2:50).