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If It's Friday, It Must Be...Italy!

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If It's Friday, It Must Be...Italy!
The weather is beautiful, and we’re ready to fully embrace our summer dresses and our sleeveless tops, but instead of soaking up the vitamin D, we’re all stuck shivering in our air-conditioned offices. Never fear: we’ve got the cure!  Escape Italy-style with the help of our five favorite finds from this week:
  1. Take five and tour Venice’s breathtaking canals and architecture via National Geographic.

  2. Make a wish: over €3,000 each day are tossed over the shoulders of tourists from around the world. Here’s what else you didn’t know about the Trevi Fountain.

  3. In need of something sweet? We’ve got you covered: the best foil-wrapped Italian chocolates to satisfy any sweet tooth!

  4. Skip the jarred stuff: this is the ultimate pesto recipe you need to try next.

  5. There is literally no such thing as too many sunset pics with @NeuMarc’s picturesque Instagram. If you’re looking for a travel buddy, we’re available!