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MDW (+all the good feels)

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MDW (+all the good feels)

We would like to take this moment to praise the unofficial official start of summer. We’re already planning our summer Fridays, daydreaming of digging our toes in the sand and the endless escapades ahead. Need help getting inspired? We've pulled together our top five fun things to add to your summer to-try list:  

  1. Who says shoe shining can’t be glamorous? Italian shoe shiner, Elenora Lovo is making headlines with her chic shoe shining business completely run by women.

  2. Our caffeine addiction has hit a new level: Illy celebrates their 25th Anniversary of the Art Collection with an exhibition at the Venice Biennale which features espresso cups designed by artists including Jeff Koons, Robert Wilson, Pucci and more.

  3. Channel your inner Chef Edward Giobbi to bring a bite of Italy straight to your kitchen with this Spaghetti alla Foriana recipe.

  4. Not to be missed: Charles Ray debuts his sculptures at the American Academy in Rome where ancient motifs take on a modern twist.

  5. Maestro please! Here is your guide on how to dress (+sing) like a gondolier.