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Our Friday Five Faves

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We’ve got another fantastic batch of five fun things for you to check out and enjoy.  And yes, your homework this week is to go eat as much gelato as you can so you too can become an expert.  Have a great weekend!

1. We always considered ourselves something of experts when it comes to sweets, but this guide has us studying (and eating a lot of) gelato in order to brush up our game.

2. We rarely need encouragement “to want to go to there,” but this announcement has us planning our trips for the next couple of years (there is just so much to see!).

3. This visualization is simply entrancing.  Get the popcorn out and watch as history unfolds before you!

4. We’ve always thought the spritz is perfect just the way it is.  This book is making us considering breaking away from the traditional mold.

5. When we stumbled across this packaging concept, we couldn’t help but chuckle out loud.