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Queue Up The AC

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As the days get hotter and the evenings get sluggish, we find ourselves slowing down. This week we’re escaping the heat as best we can, seeking out the comfort of some serious air conditioning: from museums to movies, from armchair traveling to podcasts for a road trip, we’ve got you covered (plus boozy popsicle recipes: embrace the brain freeze!).

  1. Taking a road trip this weekend? Queue up this fantastic and fascinating podcast to while away the time (while sipping on an iced coffee, of course!)

  2. Need to escape the sidewalk smells of NYC? Make sure to catch this retrospective before it closes at the end of the month (it’s overwhelmingly cool and chic)

  3. Not moving from the prime spot in front of your window AC unit? Take this quiz to get a jumpstart on your armchair traveling this weekend

  4. Looking for something to chat about around the watercooler come Monday? Take your pick of the summer films with this “must see movie” guide

  5. When all else fails to beat the heat, grab a popsicle: these boozy pops will have you rethinking cocktail hour