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Postcards From Idoni

The Friday Five: From The History Books

The Friday Five: From The History Books

Another week, another roundup.  This week we've been indulging our inner Indiana Jones and have been all about history, archaeology, and vintage wines that are making a comeback (hey, it's a type of historical study!).  So without further ado, here are the top five things that have captured our attention and imagination this week:

1. We always get particularly excited when two of our loves collide: in this case, it's bubbly and history.  We're now on the hunt, trying to get our hands on a bottle of this stuff.

2. We can't get enough of this Instagram account: we love the daily history facts and the fact we can vicariously live our childhood dream of being an archaeologist through the posts.

3. Where can you go for tales of swashbuckling, kidnapping, and mosaics all in one place? The heart of Venice, of course!

4. Our history lessons this week continued with this fascinating video  on how Venice "works": we have to (sheepishly) admit that a lot of what we assumed to know about Venice turned out to be myth (or just plain misinformation).

5. We love this collection of vintage images, but something in particular about the first one has us wishing we could recreate it (who doesn't want to be served coffee on a boat in the middle of Piazza San Marco?!?!)

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