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The Friday Five

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The Friday Five

We're stymied that December is here already: where did 2016 go?!?!  In an attempt to sit back and pause for a second (and try to get our bearings), we've decided this month to look back at the year, specifically at our favorite news stories and other things that made us smile.  So, without further ado, here are five of our favorite things from the 2016 archives:

1.  The most recent first: we're taking notes (and seriously rethinking our cookie consumption) from the oldest woman in the world.

2. We're a little bummed that we didn't make it to see this mind-boggling art installation this year, but we'll console ourselves by binging on all the videos documenting it.

3.  And if binging on all the videos in #2 doesn't do the trick, at least we've got more time to get our act together and get ourselves to Rome to see the recent restoration of the Colosseum: we do love a good archaeological facelift!

4. We're still waiting for this pasta packaging to become a reality (maybe we'll just have to ask Santa to lend a hand...).

5. This bewitching video was made for a shoe exhibit at the V&A, but if you're hailing from New England, you're in luck: the traveling exhibit recently opened at the Peabody Essex Museum!

A presto!
Team Idoni