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The Literal Sweet Life.

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The Literal Sweet Life.

Maybe it’s the hot weather, but we’ve had a serious case of sweet tooth these days.  But instead of struggling, we’re embracing the sweet life.  This week, our internet wanderings have brought us to Italy and back, with classic desserts from both sides of the Atlantic (plus our dream road trip).  So go ahead, “treat yo self.”

  1. We’ve been fans of ordering an affogato as the perfect dessert for a while now, but now we’re thinking it’s time to start making it at home (it would be a great dinner party finale!)
  2. Sherlock and the Case of the Fake Gelato?  We’re thinking we need to do some hands-on research to up our gelato sleuth skills
  3. The iconic munchkin has some serious competition with the bomboloncini : time to get our deep-fry on
  4. More of a grill or a campfire person (or a microwave in a pinch)? It’s National S’more Day on August 10th, so it’s perfectly acceptable to spend the week perfecting your golden toasted marshmallow (or try these riffs on the classic)
  5. Pack your stretchy pants for this sweet road trip inspiration: this guide maps out 18 of the best pastry shops in Italy (we’ll take one of everything, please and thank you)