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Weekly Recap

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Weekly Recap

This week we’ve pulled together 5 fantastic things for you to enjoy (if we do say so ourselves).  Without further ado, and in no particular order, they are:

1. Nothing makes us as nostalgic (or as eager to throw a costume party) as pictures from 1950s Italy, so imagine our delight at stumbling across this roundup of pictures!

2. We took notes during this video, but we fear we may never master such innate ability to have our hand gestures accompany us so beautifully when we’re nattering on.

3. After being sent this recipe, we’re thinking we might have a new weeknight staple on our hands (and we’ve already added Pecorino Romano to our grocery lists!).

4. We love the intersection of playful and beautiful, so instantly clicked “follow” on this delightful Instagram account!

5. We bookmarked this guide to packing your carry-on: we always seem to over pack and instantly regret it once we’re standing in the never-ending security line…