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Weekly Roundup

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We’re back with our weekly roundup of fun, amusing, and just-plain-interesting factoids and news bits!  And so, here goes, in no particular order:

1. The combination of a pop-up shop, a three-wheeled car, and a cross-continent road trip has us itching to grab our car keys to join in on the fun.

2.  Adding all five of these cheeses to our grocery list.

3. Reaching for our bags and looking into flights: we love a good archaeological facelift as the next person.

4. We’ve had this video on repeat: between the la-dolce-vita-vibe and the upbeat music, we just want to jump in through our laptop screens and join the fun.

5. We’re having a vicious debate in the office as to whether a city can go vegetarian or not: we’ll be watching Turin closely.