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Your Spring Checklist, Delivered.

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Those pesky April showers brought us not only beautiful May flowers, but also a gorgeous new line from your favorite Italian shoe brand. Designed to keep you exploring the newest adventures around town, we’ve mastered comfort, style and the perfect shoe to pair with your white jeans.  Kick back your gem tone shoes, pour yourself a glass of rose and check out our Top 5 ways to get ready for Spring:

  1. It’s time: purge your closet of all those tops you haven’t worn since before cronuts were a thing. Here are our favorite tips on how to let go.

  2. Spring weather calls for your favorite drinks by the pitcher. Break out your punch bowl - we’ll certainly be serving up more than just one glass.

  3. Coachella may be over, but our summer set list has just been posted. Here’s the 2017 concert tour dates we’ve been waiting for.

  4. Sign us up: we’re packing our bags and heading straight to visit Villa Rosmarino (though we could probably stay forever).

  5. College graduation is rapidly approaching, and so is every post-grad-trip-to-Europe-rite-of-passage. We’ve got the tips on how to travel with your best friends (and stay friends).