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About Us

We used to really, truly, hate shoes.

Idoni was founded by Amanda Carye when she was at her wit's end: why couldn’t she find shoes that were stylish and comfortable, versatile enough to go from her commute to the office, and also didn’t cost an arm and a leg?  Having spent too much money on bandages for blisters, too much time wearing flip-flops around while her bruised and battered feet recovered from a new pair of shoes, and too much energy hunting for the as-yet-elusive perfect pair of shoes, Amanda started talking to everyone about shoes.  She talked to her friends, her family, strangers in the line for coffee, fellow commuters on the train, random folks just trying to enjoy their lunch. She asked them what their favorite shoe was, if they could wear them all the time (or only wear them sheepishly when nobody was looking), how much they paid for them, what they looked for when buying shoes, and on and on.  And Amanda realized: she wasn’t the only one with a “shoe problem.”

So, she decided that it was time to solve this “shoe problem” and create a new go-to pair of shoes, one that would never see the back of your closet, and one that you wouldn’t want to take off. Her old well-loved and well-worn furlane provided the perfect base to jump from: the originals just needed a couple of tweaks to make it road-worthy.  And here we are.

All of us at Idoni hope you join us in our quest for happy feet.