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The Idoni is your new favorite shoe.

Too many shoes exist that are cute but painful, or feel like heaven but are shamefully unattractive.  Daily life requires shoes that are adaptable to different scenarios, but few shoes are truly versatile.  
The Idoni shoe has been designed with your daily adventure in mind: our top priority is to optimize comfort, style, and quality.


Idoni Made In Italy

Made In Italy

Three magic words: "Made In Italy." The craftsmanship and artisanship of the Italian shoe industry is unparalleled.   We've partnered with a small factory just two hours outside Venice to bring the Idoni furlane to you.   

Idoni Designed For Comfort

Designed For Comfort

Why sacrifice comfort for style, or style for comfort?  We've designed our furlane to elegantly hug the lines of your foot and have built in a small wedge to put your foot at the most comfortable angle. Beauty never was so comfy.


Idoni Tire Like Traction
Tire-Inspired Traction

We love that the original furlane made use of old bicycle tires: it gives an element of edginess to the glamour of the shoe!  We've designed our soles to merge design and function, taking a traction tip (or two) from the tires.


Idoni Beautiful Materials

Beautiful Materials

Following in the footsteps of the original furlane, we have picked a fabulous array of fabrics for our furlane that are also ready for whatever your life throws at them.   And the contrasting piping gives a little sass to every step you take.


Idoni Cloud Like Cushion

Cloud-like Cushion

These shoes were made for walking...literally. We've included an extra-cushiony innersole so you can leave your sneakers at home. You shouldn't have to worry about your feet getting tired before you do.