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The Original Furlane

Our Furlane: A classic Italian shoe design, reimagined and updated for you.

Northeast of Venice, down an old dirt road, the original furlane slippers are still made by hand.  On a sewing machine that has created thousands of pairs of shoes, layers of burlap sacks are stitched to cardboard from an old pasta box to create the inner sole. It is then fitted to a sole made of bicycle tire and a shoe upper made from velvet or silks (from old dresses and curtains).  In Venice, these artisan-made furlane can be found for sale down twisty alleyways, and can be spotted on the feet of the gondoliers (turns out, bicycle tire doesn’t scuff the paint on the gondolas).

Idoni has taken this classic little-known-in-the-US design, has updated it for the rigors of day-to-day life in the 21st century and brought it stateside to you.  Elevating it from a slipper to a shoe, we’ve kept the essence of the original, but improved the structure to bring you a brand new shoe that’s been made for your daily adventures.